Roads, speeds, and sign-in book

This is a reminder that the speed limit on the club plowed roads is 15 miles per hour just as they are during the warmer season without snow.  More important, all logging operation vehicle’s have the right of way meaning you must get out of their path (not the other way around).

Please keep your speeds safe and plan on a big truck blocking the road at every turn – just in case one is there.  If you cannot pass, you will have to get off the road to allow them to pass without them getting off the road. The steep and hard banks mean you cannot simply get over the bank and out of its way, so you will usually need to stop and turn around or backup your vehicle.

ALSO NOTE THAT ALL MEMBERS AND GUESTS ENTERING ROBINWOOD on sled, skis, boots, or truck NEED TO SIGN THE LOG BOOK AT THE ENTRANCE GATE- THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL. This is very important, especially during the cold winter months, for your safety and the safety of others who may get into trouble and need to know where the nearest help might be.

The loggers/truckers are often many miles from another vehicle or co-workers on our roads, so please keep watch for any who may need assistance and offer help if you observe anyone in need.

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