Leased property, owned lands, and surrounding state lands, lakes and interlinked flows and rivers, beaver ponds, and marshes of the Club, as well as the nearby hamlets offer the members of Robinwood Park year-round opportunities to observe and photograph wildlife, flowers, native plants, and insects. Deer and bear are often seen on club lands as are snowshoe rabbits, spruce grouse, and ruffed grouse. Except for the protected spruce grouse, most are hunted during open seasons. Common loon nest on both lakes and groups of 12 or more can sometimes be found together on Lows Lake during summer and early fall. Bald eagles and osprey frequent Bog Lake and nearby Lows Lake. Pairs of eagles and fledglings are frequently sighted on Lows Lake where they nest in the crags of Grassy Pond Mountain, which overlooks Grassy Pond on the northwest side of Lows Lake. Moose have invaded the Club over the past 15 years and are commonly photographed on critter cams and sometimes encountered on the miles of dirts roads and trails across Robinwood Park.

The images above show plants, fish, and wildlife found in and near Robinwood Park; hold your cursor over images to view their captions.

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