Bog Lake, Clear Pond, and Rainer Pond are New York State owned water bodies located entirely within or bordering Club lands. Headwater streams within Robinwood Park feed the Bog, Oswegatchie, Beaver, and Raquette Rivers and empty into Lows Lake and Lake Lila. Lows Lake adjoins the western boundary of Robinwood Park and Lake Lila is a few miles south along the Adirondack Scenic Railway. As many as 35 miles of shoreline can be accessed in Lows Lake by canoe or kayak from Bog Lake with only a short carry or two around bogs or the upper Lows Dam. Other lakes, such as Bear Lake, Little Tupper Lake, and Long Lake are also nearby. Fishing, camping, berry picking, and short hikes (up Grassy Pond Mountain) are frequent objectives for paddlers through Robinwood lakes and nearby waterways. Depending on the time of day, these waters and the critters and plants that inhabit them, provide good subject material for photographs.

The images above show lakes, rivers, streams, and flows in and near Robinwood Park; hold your cursor over images for their captions.

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