Club Bylaws

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Club bylays as last updated in 2008 are listed below. All new members must read and adhear to these bylaws (rules and regulations) which have evolved over the years to protect the lands that we own and lease, forests, private property, and safety of other members.


Article I Name and goal of the Club
1.This Club is to be known as Robinwood Park.
2.The purpose of this Club shall be to lease property with hunting and fishing rights for the recreation of the members and their families.
3.Each member and his family shall be entitled to use the facilities and land leased by the Club provided that he/she, and they observe the laws and regulations of the State of New York pertaining to hunting, fishing, and other recreation as well as the limitations imposed by the Club.

Article II Membership
1.The number of full members shall be limited to 125. This may be changed only upon approval of a majority of quorum of the board of directors.
2.The number of winter members shall be limited to 35. This may be changed only upon approval of a majority of quorum of the board of directors.
3.Persons will be accepted into membership or associate membership upon approval by the membership committee or Club President and payment of dues. Persons interested in joining the Club will place a $50 deposit with the Club Secretary/Treasurer and his/her name will be placed on a waiting list. If no openings are available as of May 1st of the current year, his deposit will be refunded. If an opening is offered to the depositor and he declines, his deposit will be held on account.
4.The Club Secretary/Treasurer shall be required to maintain a list of all persons accepted for membership. Sons and daughters of members, or deceased members, 18 years of age and older shall be given priority to become members. Sons or daughters of members or deceased members desiring to hunt or fish or use the Club shall be required to become associate members upon reaching their 18th birthday. Sons or daughters must be full time students or in the Armed Forces and under the age of 25 to be an associate member.
5.Dues for associate members shall be $50. Associate members will not be qualified to vote or be liable for payments of assessments other than dues.
6.Members shall be subject to forfeiture of membership and dues for failure to pay dues and assessments, as required, for failure to abide by the laws and regulations of the State of New York pertaining to hunting and fishing, for failure to abide by the by-laws and rules established by this Club, and for conduct detrimental to the purpose of the Club. Members must respect other members at all times. Any member causing a fight will be automatically dismissed from the Club. Any member creating a disturbance will be warned by a letter that his membership is in jeopardy and will be dismissed if such an event recurs due to his fault. Dues will be forfeited in those cases where dismissal results from fighting or disturbing the peace. Persons so dismissed will be ineligible for guest privileges. Members will be expected to abide by the provisions of the lease as stipulated by the property owner.
7.Annual dues will be determined by the Board of Directors and are payable on or before May 15th or spring work weekend, which ever is later. Any membership not repurchased by this date will be offered to the first party on the waiting list. Additional assessments (if necessary) shall be levied upon approval of a majority of the Board of Directors. A member will not be qualified to vote at meetings unless he is current on all dues, assessments, guest fees, or other monies due the Club. Members will not be refunded dues if resigning before the end of the Club year. Dues may be paid in 2 installments with the first payment being due before May 15th and the second payment being due by August 1st. Installment amounts will be determined by the Board of Directors. Members who are delinquent in dues payment will forfeit the privilege of utilizing the 2-payment plan. A $50 late payment fee will be assessed to members whose payment is received after each due date and late fees will increase by 10% each month that any payment is overdue.

a. Returned checks will be subject to a $20 processing fee.

b. New members (excluding former Robinwood members) joining after September 1st may have a portion of their first year’s membership fee credited toward their second year’s annual dues as determined by the board (the “second-year membership credit” is currently $250). Remaining membership dues for the second year will be paid in full by May 15 or spring work weekend, whichever is later.

c. Former members may rejoin Robinwood as a full member at any time, but cannot take advantage of the second-year membership credit if they have been out of the club for less than 5 years. The board may approve the credit if special circumstances exist and the member requests a waiver.

d. Former full members may not become a winter-only member for 5 years following their last full-membership year.

e. New members joining after the end of big game season may have all of their monies applied to membership dues for the following year. Former members may not take advantage of this plan during the first 5 years following their last full-membership year.
8.The Club Secretary/Treasurer shall issue a membership card and badge to each member and associate member upon payment of dues.
9.All moneys due the Club must be paid in full prior to Big Game Season.

Article III Meetings and work weekends
1.The annual club meeting shall be held during February, March, or April of each year at a time and place determined by the Club officers.
2.Club meetings will be held after dinner during all work weekends and the summer picnic.
3.Special meetings may be called by the President at such time as he deems necessary to conduct Club business.
4.At all meetings of Club members, one-fourth of the membership shall constitute a quorum.
5.The Secretary/Treasurer, upon direction of the President, shall send a written notice to each member at least ten (10) days prior to a meeting date.
6.During work weekends, the club will supply breakfast (between 7 and 8AM), lunch (between 12 and 1PM), and dinner (between 530 and 630PM) on Saturday and breakfast (8AM) on Sunday unless otherwise posted.
7.Members must report to work on Saturday by 8:00 a.m. and will be assigned to a work detail until Sunday 11 a.m. in order to receive credit for work weekend, otherwise a $40 penalty may be assessed. If a member is hospitalized or otherwise physically unable to work at the time of the work weekend, he will not be assessed upon notifying the Secretary/Treasurer. Members for five (5) consecutive years AND of retirement age (62) will not be assessed for work weekends.
8.All monies spent by members on club purchases will be reimbursed or paid in advance to the individual(s) by club check, not cash. No club expenses will be reimbursed to individual members without proper receipts.
9.All cash payments to any board member will be forwarded to the treasurer for proper documenting and categorizing.
10.A club check will be issued to the person buying food before work weekends. All receipts and unspent monies will be returned to the treasurer on the Sunday of work weekend.
11. Two work weekends (1 in spring and 1 in fall) are scheduled each year. A $40 fee is charged to members who are not present or do not partake in Club work during work weekends. Members over 62 are exempt for both work weekends. Members are also exempt from fall work weekend if their annual dues are paid in full by May 15th.
12.Members will be charged $40 for missed work weekends. The member is responsible for forwarding this charge to the Club secretary within 30 days of each work weekend. A 10% late fee will be added to this charge if it is not paid within 30 days of the weekend; the late fee will increase by 10% for every 30 days that the base charges and late fees remains unpaid.

Article IV Club Officers and Committees
1.The following officers shall be elected at the annual meeting for a one (1) year term beginning May 1st following the election: President, Vice-President, and Secretary/Treasurer. In such event a vacancy occurs in any office, the Board of Directors shall appoint a member to fill the vacancy until the next annual meeting. Only members of 3 consecutive years in good standing can hold office.
2.The President shall preside at all Club meetings, appoint committees, direct Club activities, and preside at meetings of the Board of Directors.
3.The Vice-President shall act in lieu of the President in the event of the President’s absence or disability.
4.The Board of Directors shall be elected to govern the Club. The Board shall consist of the Club Officers and immediate past- President to serve for 1 year. The Board members shall be elected as follows: Four (4) or more members shall be elected each year to hold office for two (2) years. The Board shall establish rules governing use of Club facilities, fix rates for dues and assessments, and oversee and establish policy for expenditure of Club funds.
5.The Secretary/Treasurer shall: maintain and disburse funds and perform such other duties within the power of his office. The President and Secretary/Treasurer shall not be required to pay annual dues.
6.The President shall appoint a Membership Committee to be responsible for recommending approval or disapproval of all nominees for membership. The President will approve or disapproved new members if no committee is setting. The committee or President shall notify the Secretary/Treasurer of its decisions. The Secretary/Treasurer shall then invite nominees to join the club.
7.The President shall appoint the House Committee, to be responsible for the following: To direct activities on work weekends, to arrange for firewood and other fuels and to arrange for maintenance of club facilities, generators, and other equipment.
8.A $40 penalty may be assessed for missed work weekend. If a member is hospitalized or otherwise physically unable to work at the time of the work weekend, he will not be assessed upon notifying the Secretary/Treasurer. Members for five (5) consecutive years AND of retirement age (62) will not be assessed for work weekends. Payment of annual dues in full before May 15th exempts the member from a penalty for missing fall work weekend.
9.The Secretary/Treasurer shall notify all Board members of scheduled meetings a minimum of ten (10) days prior to the meeting date.
10.Board members are required to attend at least 50% of meetings in order to be eligible for the same office during the following year. Board members missing 2 consecutive meetings will be notified via mail, phone, or e-mail that they are on probation. Board members missing a 3rd meeting in a row will be dismissed from the board.
11.A quorum will consist of a minimum of 4 board members and include either the president or vice president.

Article V Guests
1.A guest is defined as one adult (18 years of age or older), a couple, or a married couple and children less than 18 years of age who visit the club for any period of time.

a. Fees are required for guests that do not stay overnight but visit for any purpose (e.g., fishing, hunting small game, viewing the property, and cabin construction).

b. Members are entitled to one significant other (companion or spouse) without paying guest fees.

c. Children who are full-time students or in the Armed Forces and under the age of 25 do not owe guest fees if they are with a club member or paid guest. Said children must become associate members if they wish to use the Club unattended by a full time member.
2.It is mandatory that each member register themselves and all guests upon entering and leaving the Club property at the main gate registration booth. Club members are required to meet and log their guests into the guest register at the main gate. Failure to register yourself or your guests properly could lead to dismissal. GUESTS ARE NOT PERMITTED TO BE ON THE LEASE IF THE MEMBER IS NOT IN RESIDENCE.
3.Guest fees are as follows: April 1 to end of Big Game Season – $10 per day; from end of Big Game Season to April 1st – $5 per day. Fees are owed if the guest is on the lease for 1 hour or 1 day. There are no guest fees for parents of retirement age, non-members who work on work weekend, or non-members visiting during the Clubs summer picnic.

a. Guest fees are typically owed for showing the property to prospective members. Exceptions are permitted for board members showing the lease to prospective members solicited through public media (upon approval of the Club President).

b. Members are responsible for forwarding guest fees to the Secretary/Treasurer within 30 days of the dates that the guest use the lease. A 10% late fee will be charged to the guest costs, and increase another 10% every 30 days that the fee remains unpaid.

c. Guests are not allowed to hunt big game. Guests are not permitted to carry firearms on the Lease during big game hunting season. Guests shall not transport big game across Club property. Failure to comply could lead to ejection of guest and dismissal of member.

d. Single members for five (5) consecutive years AND of retirement age (62) are entitled to one (1) guest free of charge.
4.Members are responsible for conduct of their guests.
5.The same person may not be a guest more than four (4) days in any month.
6.Only members have the privilege of inviting guests to the Club. Sons and daughters of members do not have this privilege.
7.Past full members with less than ten (10) consecutive years of membership may not be invited as guests for two (2) years following termination of their membership.

Article VI Special rules for conduct on state lands, right-of-ways, and lakes
1.Members will not stop motorized vehicles on state land (the right or way between Station Rd and Clear Pond Rd), except to unload or load equipment from the immediate roadside.
2.Parking of motorized vehicles is not permitted anywhere on state lands; you are parking if you turn off your engine.
3.Motorized vehicles may not drive or park on side roads (blocked with felled trees) near either lake.
4.Motors of 10 hp or less are currently permitted on both lakes. Some of these privileges may be revoked by the DEC at any time. Boat motors are not allowed on Lows Lake.
5.Type III personal flotation devises (PFDs) are required to be on all persons (especially children) using boats, canoes, or kayaks on all lakes.
6.Helmets are required to be on all persons (especially children) using ATVs and snowmobiles anywhere on the Club property.
7.Failure of a member or a member’s guest to comply with stated regulations will result in a fine of at least $50, and possible expulsion of the member from the Club.

Article VII Miscellaneous Rules
1.No baitfish are to be brought into any Club waters.
2.Motors on boats will be restricted to 10 horsepower or less.
3.Children must wear life preservers when in boats and near the waters edge.
4.Persons riding boats for pleasure must keep at least 150 feet from fishermen.
5.Children under 12 are required to have adult supervision when near lakes, in the water, in boats, or operating snowmobiles and ATVs.
6.Club cabins are available on a first come basis, however, individual members are required to share cabins (unused bedroom, loft, or living room) with other members if both cabins are occupied.
7.Members using one of the shared Club cabins must sign their names and dates of use in the cabin register kept in the main lodge.
8.Club members without private cabins are limited to the use of one Club cabin for his/her family and all their guests.
9.Club members with private cabins cannot use Club cabins for themselves or their guests, except during winter. Such use will cost those members $20/night.
10.The Club will not be responsible for personal items, food, or equipment left at the lodge or in any Club cabins.
11.No does will be taken on the Club property, nor will does, taken on other properties be allowed to be transported through Club property.
12.All complaints are to be in writing, signed, and mailed or delivered to any Club Officer. Complaints following this procedure will receive a written reply.
13.A record shall be kept of Deer and Bear taken during Big Game Season, with any kill being reported to the Secretary/Treasurer.
14.The generator shall be checked before starting (oil, radiator water, battery level) and recorded in the generator Log with member’s signature of its condition.
15.The generator shall not be left running unsupervised.
16.There shall be no garbage left on Club properties.
17.There shall be no perishable foods left in the Lodge or Club cabins.
18.Stoves and refrigerators in the Lodge or Club cabins shall be kept clean.
19.Gas cylinders are to be shut off when leaving the Lodge or Club cabins.
20.All ashes in stoves shall be removed before starting fires and wood boxes replenished when leaving the Club cabins.
21.Numbers on each 100 pound propane cylinder picked up at the generator building will be recorded on the propane log in the Lodge. Empty propane tanks have to be returned to the same location (right side) and corresponding numbers recorded on the propane log. Payments have to be submitted to the Treasurer within 30 days. A 10% late fee will be added to the cost of each propane bottle if not paid within this period; the late fee will increase another 10% for every 30 days that the fee remains unpaid.
22.All motor vehicles on club property will operate according to New York State regulations. All ATVs, snowmobiles, and boats with motors shall be registered and insured as required by NY State. No private cars or trucks may be kept on club property if not registered.

Article VIII Housing and Zoning

Club members shall have the right to construct a private cabin provided new cabin sites have been authorized by Lyme and the following conditions are met:
1.All members desiring sites shall submit a request in writing to the Secretary/Treasurer. Approved cabin sites will be issued based on date of request and subsequent approval by a Lyme representative.
2.Cabin plans and specifications must be submitted to the Club President for review. No camp may exceed 480 square feet of floor space including any porches. Once the Club President approves the plans, a Lyme representative must approve the exact location, and a building permit must be obtained from the Town of Long Lake. A copy of this permit must be forwarded to the Secretary prior to initiating construction.
3.Members who are given a cabin site must begin construction within one year. Failure to do so will lead to forfeiture of the site.
4.The member shall construct and maintain an outhouse at each approved site. This structure shall be constructed to meet or exceed the standards of the Adirondack Park Agency requirements. Grey water from a shower or sink must drain into some form of underground pit or dry well. It is unacceptable to allow this water to drain on top of the ground.
5.All camp areas must be kept clean and not distract from the overall appearance of the Lease.
6.All camps will be identified with the owner’s name, address, and telephone number in a visible location.
7.Any camp owner who fails to pay their yearly dues or cabin tax on time will be given a 30-day notice. If said dues are not paid within the next 30 days, the Club shall take possession of the camp. The owner, accompanied by a Club Officer, shall be given two (2) consecutive weekends to remove their personal possessions. The Club will than post a notice stating that the said camp will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Minimum bid will be the amount owed plus 10%. The Club shall retain the minimum bid with the remainder of the auction price going to the former owner.
8.No camp may be sold until all monies owed the Club are paid in full.
9.Camps can only be sold to another full time Club member.
10.All camps will maintain at least one working smoke detector.
11.One club member will be elected by the Board of Directors each spring to inspect cabins and adjacent property. Owners will receive written notification for required alterations.
12.Members requested by Lyme, APA, or the Club to make physical alterations to their cabins, outhouses, landscape, or other personal property on the lease will have 30 days to make said corrections following written communication. If corrective action is not taken within the 30 days, the Club may correct the issue and charge the cabin owner for needed work. Under these circumstances the Board will determine whether his/her membership should be terminated.

Article VIII Approval of By-laws
1.These By-laws shall become effective upon approval by a majority of a quorum of Board of Directors.
2.These By-laws may be amended at any meeting of the Board of Directors by a majority of those present.

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